Illusions And Corruption In The Great Gatsby

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The book The Great Gatsby written by F.Scot Fitzgerald, shows that there are illusions and corruption that dominates Gatsby. The illusions are created by different characters throughout the book. There seems to be a repeated factor within the concept of illusions and that is Gatsby. Gatsby is the center of all the illusions in the novel. Gatsby’s lies to ultimately get to his ultimate dream which is being with daisy and Losing this illusions of being with daisy means that Gatsby would have no purpose to lie and deceive other characters in the book. Also Gatsby’s has this obsession with Daisy that masks his harsh reality of him being with daisy. The illusions are to be about Daisy and the American Dream. This book is filled with drama and love,…show more content…
In doing this he created an illusion. This illusion is what is keeping him sane and giving him hope. If he were to ever lose this illusion then the American Dream is dead for him, he wouldn’t have cared so much about being with Daisy meaning he would have not tried so hard to become rich, he probably would have not lived across the Daisy’s house beside Nick so he would have not met Nick, and he would probably live in the Valley of Ashes. If there is no illusion then Gatsby mind would be clear enough to see reality. The reality is that he and Daisy would never get back together, he would realize that she is happily married with a child, and he is not part of her class. Nick is the only one that understands the reality in the book. He states: His is proving that Nick is the only one in the book with the eyes of reality. However Gatsby’s illusions are now his reality. Because of all the parties, the drinking, trying to get Daisy, and all the cheating and lying Gatsby created an illusion that is the life of misery and uncertainty that turns into his reality thus leading him to lose his illusions. So even with the illusion lost he still ends up with the same ending that leads to his
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