Illusions In Tennessee Williams A Streetcar Named Desire

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Desires are the motivation used to reach our goals, desires can be anything from wanting a particular item, occupation, or dream. The play Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams explores the idea of how overwhelming desires can cause destructive behavior, causing people to live in a world of illusions and lies. This is revealed through the character of Blanche. Initially, Blanche’s overwhelming desire is to be loved, Blanche desires this due to the guilt she believes what caused the loss of her husband. Where she wants to fill the empty hole inside her heart and pay for her guilt. She tries to fill the empty hole by repaying that moment of her relationship. Blanche and Mitch were on a date having a conversation leading to Blanche talking about her past.The conversation is lead…show more content…
In this event, it also shows how Blanche desires to be with Mitch. This is shown by the quote “I want his respect… I want to deceive enough to make him-want me”. This even shows the illusion of how Blanche tries to repay that moment where she believes she is the person who caused her husband’s death. To correct the wrongs she has done. This behavior of her desires also shows how she is living in an illusion trying to recreate her relationship with her husband. However, this is not possible since the illusion she is trying to create is in the past and cannot be remade. Where she tries to repeat the illusion, which eventually leads her to a destructive path. Consequently, Blanche’s overwhelming desire causes the loss of her relationship with Mitch and the only escape she had out of this illusionary world. Where she is unable to escape her illusions and now truly believes in it.Mitch rejects Blanche because of how Stanley told him about her past. Leading to Mitch telling her “she was not clean enough to bring home”. Then at the end, Blanche got taken away to an insane asylum.This shows how her immense desire to be
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