Iluia In Julius Caesar

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Iluia is the clan name of Julius Caesar which he proclaims that he is a descent of Iulus, the son of Aeneas, a Trojan hero. Through him, Venus is his mother, goddess of fertility and prosperity. Any descendent of Aeneas is a descendent of Venus and as a result, Julius Caesar and his descendents are related to the powerful goddess. Venus shows her devotion and dedication to her family lineage through her selfless acts as a daughter, mother, and as a goddess.
Upon hearing Julius Caesar’s military achievements and the fate of her further lineage in Augustus, Venus obeys Jupiter’s, her father, commands. Specifically, he commands “hanc animam interea caeso de corpore raptam fac iubar (Ovid, 840)” His command to Venus translates as meanwhile having been seized the soul from the slaughtered corpse, make it a star. Looking down into the senate, she cannot restrain herself to save Caesar from his assassination. However, Jupiter interferes with her dilemma and consoles her to be openminded of the future there is to come after Caesar’s death. As her father and the Superior god, he offers wisdom to his daughter. She listens to her father as a sign of respect and
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Jupiter claims that “nos in bella suos fortissimus ultor habebit (Ovid, 821).” In English, Jupiter foretells Venus that Augustus is the most just creator and he will be supported by the gods when in battle. This closure clarifies to also include Venus, who will also watch over Augustus from afar. Mothers are commonly supportive of their children and the decisions that they make. For example, there are soccer moms who will attend every soccer game of their sons. In a similar position, Venus would support Augustus as he leads his armies to wars, showing devotion to her kin. As a result, she is a torch of light for her family lineage with her dedication and
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