Im A Fool To Love You Analysis

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Cornelius Eady’s “I’m a Fool to Love You,” provides a simple message of the blues by using different metaphors and similes. Feeling blue, in regard to love, is not a feeling that is lost on many people. Eady exemplifies these blues by using metaphors that create the perfect illustration of what the blues are. The words in this poem are placed in a way to make the reader remember how they felt when they went through these blues. In “I’m a Fool to Love You,” Eady makes another definition for the blues and uses literary elements like metaphors and similes while discussing a destructive kind of love and the challenges that people face when trying to get over them. Eady conveys the meaning of the blues by using different elements and strategies.…show more content…
The first metaphor used, “Is falling in love with some man a deal with the devil”, promptly shows how the narrator perceives love. Love, in society, is viewed as one of the best things in the world and is also a goal that everyone strives toward, to have someone love them. In the poem, however, love is compared to the devil, who is described as the epitome of evil. By comparing love to the devil, Eady is suggesting that love is evil. When Eady says “deals with the devil” he means that being in love is like selling your soul to the devil. This metaphor implies that as soon as someone falls in love, they no longer have a soul and loses themselves. Another metaphor in the poem “And is the blues the moment you realize, you exist in a stacked deck”, shows women’s inability to forget the ones that they love and escape that perception of themselves. This metaphor suggests that a particular state of mind creates a feeling of hopelessness. It expresses that a person can have such low self-esteem that they lose themselves. The person believes they do not deserve anything or anyone better than who or what they have. The metaphor can give the meaning that the people who love the most, hurt the most as
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