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I am Clare Chen, the director of YuMe Production. I am sending this letter to you because I would like to ask your permission to reproduce one of your fabulous essays, “I’m Jumping Off the Bridge,” into a movie production. It is an undeniable fact that many film companies have ruined literature through their so-called “Hollywood-style”, or in other words, methods of making the film profitable and appealing to the public. However, there are also plenty of successful movies that present the stories well and also create powerful impacts on their audience.
Please take a moment and think about a movie, or a short film, that has changed your point of view on any subject. The film can be a recent one, or even the one from 20 years ago. For me, it
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These information were simply floating around the sky and I never really grasped the idea until the camera took us back 15 years ago, brought us to a small but tidy bedroom, with 3 mattresses lay flat on the wooden floor. The lenses focused on the back of a teenage boy, kneeling beside his sleeping mother, holding up a pillow high above her, with his hands shaken, teeth bitten down his lips. Meanwhile, Director Kim focused the camera on the miserable face of a younger one behind him and aksed, “Hyun, what are you doing?” The two brothers fought and the older one ran away from the camera, toward the distant street. At this moment, I realized Kim lived his life with sorrow and regrets; he worked as a firefighter to save lives and to remedy his attempt to kill his own mother. Also at this point of the film, a series of questions popped into my mind: Wait, what about my purpose of living? Was there anything that I have done, but regret, so I did something else to redeem myself? I would never have thought of such question until I came across this scene. What made this production so persuading is its closeness to

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