Im Keanor Monologue

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Hi, Im Keitoro, I 'd like to tell you the story of how I died. You may wonder why am I telling you the story of my death. confusing yeah?you’ll find out. so let’s go back to the start.I 'm 16 years old average boy, no girlfriend, and truly lonely.I don 't got a good life by far, unless you say suffering being raised by my dad that could care less about me. My mom died in a plane crash when I was seven. My dad has been in a depressed drinking sage ever since then. my dad’s more like a stranger to me. The virtual world is what I call my life. It’s a world where you could do anything and live free of all troubles. I 've been hearing about this game that goes by your life story and, the game will give you a story could of happened in your life if
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