Im Not Scared Analysis Essay

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In the novel I’m Not Scared, Niccolo Ammaniti explores betrayal and trust, power and right and wrong through various of techniques to engage the readers. Betrayal and trust is exposed to the readers by Michele’s point of view and this is supported by foreshadowing and conflict. Powerless and powerful of characters in I’m Not Scared is shown with the use of emotive language and violence. Lastly, dramatic language and sentence length is used to show the readers what is wrong and right throughout the novel.
Foreshadowing and conflict is incorporated throughout the novel I’m Not Scared exploring Michele’s relationship between family and friends to show trust and betrayal. At the beginning of the novel it is seen that Michele has a strong relationship between Pino, his father and Salvatore, who was one of his best friends. However, as he found more about Filippo, Michele realises that he was scarafised for their own benefit.
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When Filippo and Michele are threatened by the adults with a “pistol”, it develops the idea of right and wrong forcing the reader aware that you should never trust someone. When Michele volunteered to do the “forfeit” instead of Barbra, everyone in the gang except for Skull knew that Barbara doing the forfeit wasn’t right. Ammaniti uses dramatic action to intrigue the readers, engaging the reader to continue reading the novel. As the novel becomes more intense, Ammaniti uses short sentences such as; “Run for it”, “I vomited” to create tension. As Pino regrets of what he has done, the reader learn that some people have different perspective about what is right and wrong. The concept of right and wrong is mainly portrayed through Michele’s thoughts with the use of dramatic action and sentence length and through this the reader is aware at the fact that everyone should be treated
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