Im Only Human Analysis

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The review under discussion is Antonio Gibs’ Art Critique titled “I’m Only Human.” This essay was based on a classic song titled “A day at a time.” This song was written and produced by Donevan Froston, a born St. Maartener and also the father of Romana and the grandfather of three. In his essay, Gibs explained and gave a brief interpretation of the song and the lyrics. Based on his interpretation, the positive message or theme behind the song is that people need to believe in their selves and God, and stay motivated to achieve what they want. He also showed that a positive song or piece of art well understood can motivate and lead people to success.
The title of the page is really creative and an attention grabber but, it is not appropriate for the essay. It would be more appropriate for the writer to use the name of the song or a short statement that relates to the song. Even though the first paragragh of the song said I’m only human it is not enough to use as a title for the essay. He could have also used a title that relates to Mr. Froston’s life, for the song was inspired by his life experiences. The author gave a brief biography of Donevan Froston and how his singing career began. The information on Froston was adequate. He did a good job on describing the artist. If he can do the same on the song the essay would be sounder. Although he didn’t give a lot of information on the song, he pulled out the most important parts. The author also made it clear that Froston’
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