Im Sixteen Research Paper

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The word sixteen defines my teenage youth. Most little girl’s, like me, could not wait for the day they turn sixteen. You are at your prime time for a teenager. Just saying to someone, “I’m sixteen”, seemed so amazing and mature. I cannot believe I will be turning sixteen in only a couple of hours. It feels as if only yesterday I started my first day of middle school, so excited to meet new friends who I would know forever. Then in the blink of an eye, eighth grade came, so fast and all of a sudden I was going to leave the people who I had gotten to know and spend time with for the past three years, 8 hours a day for 9 and a half months each year to move across the country. I would be leaving these people to start a whole new life in California, which was very intimidating for a fourteen year old especially starting high school in California. Turning sixteen brought back all the old memories and feelings from years ago that I never really realized I had. Starting a new chapter of my life in California made me think of this movie I watched a couple years ago. It was about this man who had an amazing life with a wife and children, but he died in some…show more content…
Everyone was so kind and willing to talk to you, the upperclassmen, my freshman year were the best, the juniors and seniors were really kind and made me feel welcome at this school. Usually in the movies or TV shows upperclassmen hate the freshman and are so rude, but it was actually the opposite they were the most welcoming. Now, I will be the upperclassman being kind and welcoming to my little brothers Freshman Class of 2021. Turning sixteen is like starting a second book in the series, you know all the characters yet there are more events, ups and downs coming in the new chapters of the book. My life is exactly like that I am starting new chapters filled with new experiences happy and sad, which is what life is all
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