Image And Its Impact On The Media And Body Image

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Introduction: What is body image? Body image is our physical appearance which is defined as the representation of the body and including values about how people should look alongside other dimensions such as (height, size, age, color, attractiveness etc) and expressive way of thinking related to acceptance or rejection. Body image is also connected to self-esteem. What we think and what we feel about ourselves when we look in the mirror. Sometimes, its positive thinking, and we feel good about how we look. But some other times, we think negative and feel bad. There are some people who have good body image but they have very low self-esteem, on other hand, for some other people it’s difficult to have good self-esteem if they have disturbed body image. But in between, also there are some external forces around us, which affect our point of view in our lives and make us compare ourselves to others. In the past, there was no technology, no media, and no social networks. People were happy and had confidence and self esteem with the way they used to look. By time, as technology has developed, where young and teenagers are concentrating on developing their individual identities and build their characters, they are also highly disposed to both social pressure and media images which can have a deep effect on how they see their bodies. Especially in this generation, the youngsters are choosing models and actresses as a role model to look like. In this case, media

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