Image Leonardo Dicaprio And Oscar Smile Analysis

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This means that he wants to introduce and make sure himself to someone else. He wants to make sure that he will meet something after waiting for several years. There are two sentences in this meme, they are: 1. The first sentence “Hello, it’s me,” means that he wants to emphasize himself to someone else and to show that is only him. The word “ Hello” is a kind of greeting and used by people when meeting someone or in a conversation on a phone like the situation in this meme. Then, “ it’s me” is a sentence to make sure in introducing ourselves. 2. The second sentence “I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet”. The sentence means that he wants to fulfill his aims to make sure he will meet the great thing after waiting for several years. The great thing refers to the second image of Oscar trophy. It presents someone who is doing conversation on the phone and looks elegant. This presents power, positive thing, and precious statue; Oscar trophy. Discussion The analysis of non-verbal sign is based on the appearance, manner, activity, properties and setting. The explanations in detail are as follow: The analysis of image Leonardo Dicaprio and Oscar Trophy. 1. Appearance Leonardo Dicaprio is 42 years old and it still in the range of middle- age. He is an American and has blonde hair. He is tall, thin, and good looking. He also has superior status and power. It refers to someone who has authority, famous and respects. Man who is tall and good looking
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