Image Of Fatherhood

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The new image of fatherhood
Parenting is a tedious process which requires equal involvement from both mother and father. However, mothers play a pivot role in raising a child, but the role of fathers cannot be neglected.

There are different ways to define and categorize fatherhood. These definitions vary depending on the biological, social and legal relationship between the child and the father. Fatherhood means “the state or responsibility of being a father”. This definition refers to (Collins: English Dictionary, 1819).
Fatherhood means so much more than just giving life to a life unlived. It means dreaming of things yet undreamed and sustaining hope in a hopeless world. It means being there for his children through thick and thin, and not walking out of family when things get tough. Fatherhood means seeing each of his children as individuals, loving them as equals, respecting them as little people. It means being careful with words and actions, which influence young minds and hearts for good or evil.
This essay consists of two parts, traditional view of fatherhood and new image of fatherhood.
The traditional Role of fatherhood
The traditional role of men creates a big parenting gap for all fathers, especially those who become separated or divorced. Fathers need to seek support in order to develop their father skills, learn parenting strategies and nurture their instincts. Men also need a safe environment to explore their boundaries, their inner self and
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