Imagery And Character Analysis: Into Thin Air

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Brian is on his way to meet his father on his way the pilot has a massive heart attack and dies. This forces Brian to have to fly the plane all on his own. The plane is starting to run out of fuel and he doesn 't know what to do. This causes Brian to think quickly about what he needs to do. Brian decided that he would wait for the fuel to run out and land in the water and escape the plane while still on the ground. While the plane was crashing the author was being very descriptive about how the character was feeling and what he was experiencing at that time to make me feel like I was there.
One specific part in this book were the author was using imagery was when Brian was in the middle of crashing he saw what the lake looked like and he said, “ The lake with L shaped, with rounded
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This particular scene is very descriptive and shows the author 's use of imagery well. I can really see what the lake looks like from the characters point of view by using what he said about the shape and size of the lake. Another scene in which the author uses imagery well is when the pilot has in the middle of having a heart attack, Brian didn 't know what was going on with him. When Brian figured out that the pilot died he didn 't know what he was going to do about everything. He knew he couldn 't land the plane and he couldn 't fly to where his dad lived so he was very nervous about what needs to be done. During this scene Brian stated, “ A White flash of horror, A terror so intense that his
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