Imagery And Metaphors In Dante's Inferno

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Character + Theme Dante’s change of mindset from inquisitive to analytical allows him to see the effects of his actions more greatly than before. Dante’s interest in watching two souls quarrel earns him a scolding from Virgil. He encourages Dante not to be amused or interested by sinners but rather look at them through God’s justice. Dante is immediately ashamed of his action that he feels,” wheeled about with such a starch of shame that (he) grow pale yet at the memory” (30.134-135) a response he would not have shown in the earlier Cantos. Dante begins to understand how his actions affect himself and the people around him, interest or compassion for the sinners does more bad than good for both of them.

Character Relationships Virgil’s show of intelligence and understanding towards Dante allows him to be a good mentor capable of protecting Dante at all times ending up in a good mutual trust at all times. In Canto 26 Dante showed interest in talking to the sinners Ulysses and Diomedes . Virgil agrees to let Dante talk to them since he is worthy but only through him since,”they perhaps might scorn (Dante’s) manner of speaking, since they were Greek” ( 26.71-72)
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46-49). Dante the author once again uses imagery reminds us of the terror of hell as Dante the character enters a new bolgia. He uses the Christian values to to judge people for what they did against God’s will as it says in the values. He emphasises the punishments such as this one to create this atmosphere. Dante often punishes the sinners according to what they did. In this bolgia there are falsifiers. Since the falsifiers lied to people’s senses they get their senses
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