Imagery And Metaphors In Poeha's Kalidasa

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He , the one who imagines and gives form of life to the tiniest thing on land , is a Kavi or a Rsi (seer). He gives the colour the black and white a special colour with which it seems colourful ,he is the one who changes everything. He can never be satisfied with anything . He elaborates beauty with the exuberance it was never before imagined. His insight stems less from mind but rather more from instinct; it is not the conditioning which is required; it is in him, that power for which he can be unified with what he sees. It is not level headed but rather otherworldly. Such a poet is Kalidasa. He is so powerful with his words that Hank Heifetz says , “ About Kalidasa, the unquestioned summit of Sanskrit poetry ” . His works include plays like Vikramōrvaśīyam , Abhijñānaśākuntalam , Mālavikāgnimitram and poems like Meghaduta. This essay will analyse his use of imagery and metaphor in the poem Meghaduta. This essay will define what are imagery and metaphor first and then this essay will provide examples of verses from Meghaduta and then analyse and discuss how Kalidasa had used them. Imagery is a way to express our thoughts visually or figuratively. It is a picture which is described to give the reader or listener a better idea of the thought in which the poet is working on. Kalidasa’s work was itself a picture. Imagery are just picture-information set which has a very logical role to play in the poem. It persuades the reader to read and force him to think about the
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