Imagery And Symbolism In The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Ray Bradbury uses several craft moves throughout his dystopian story names ‘The Veldt’. Using imagery, foreshadowing, and irony; Ray Bradbury enriches the story with these varying craft moves. Each is used to place the setting and feel of the story in the readers’ minds.

Imagery is a craft move that was used to detail important areas in the story and help sell the scene Bradbury is creating to the reader. This is used to build a mood; one in particular is suspense. “A green lovely forest, a lovely river, a purple mountain, high voices singing, and Rima” (Bradbury 5). This quote shows the extreme change between the hot African veldt, and the mysterious imaginary forest of love and paradise. Imagery is used many times in the story for the same purpose. “The lions on three sides of them, in the yellow veldt grass, padding through the dry straw, rumbling and roaring in their throats” (Bradbury 10) captures the suspense the characters feel and giving it to the reader to make the story more exciting. Imagery is used repetitively to keep giving the senses and suspense to make the story feel real. …show more content…

This was also used repeatedly to create a feeling of dread, and lead up to George Hadley’s and wife’s unfortunate death. Using this reasoning, we can view this in the text when it says “a smell of cats was in the night air” (Bradbury 6) or “this bake oven with murder in the heat” (Bradbury 4). These parts of the story which refer to the moment at the end; the climax; are the reason it feels so devastating at the end. It keep building up until the very end of the

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