Imagery In Sherman Alexie's Flight Patterns

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The story, “Flight Patterns”, happens about a year after the 9/11 assaults in Seattle, Washington from the perspective of William. William is an over the top compulsive worker who has flown on planes the vast majority of his life. He has a spouse and little girl. His little girl Grace has issues with sexual orientation basing and being a man in this world, yet she has no issue with dozing. We likewise meet a cab driver named Fekadu who is from Ethiopia. In Alexie's short story, he contends that after September eleventh individuals began having more issues with labeling others. He does this by using imagery through Grace, William, and Fekadu's educational encounters. Alexie utilizes imagery all through his story to indicate how individuals are being labeled by how they appear. "I don't want long hair, I don't want short hair, I don't want hair at all, and I don't want to be a girl or a boy. I want to be a yellow and orange leaf some little kid picks up and pastes in his scrapbook." This quote is utilizing imagery in that Grace would not like to be symbolized as a young lady or having long hair or being a man. She needs to be a leaf, something that everybody considers as wonderful and equal. Being a Native American young lady, she…show more content…
It was not his job that enabled him to think innovatively or knowing the Declaration of Independence by heart. He never again thought about the labels that were cast upon him, individuals could call him a terrorist though he could not care less. The thing in which he dreaded previously, were presently his ammo to get precisely what he needed: a straight shot to a payphone to hear his family's voice, an opportunity to settle the material science of his girl's photos, and to tell his better half that she came before his work. Alexi effectively demonstrated to us how to shed the heaviness of silly issues, empowering us to move all the more rapidly to the things that we require
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