Imagery In Jamaica Kincaid's Short Story Girl

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Short stories are a piece of literature that holds a lesson in a small story, it has meaning behind it and with a large amount of imagery shows a picture of what the writer is trying to say.
Short stories have been a very important piece of modern and past literature and always will, each story over the generations shows an evolution of not only english but also life in general.
The story girl is an amazing short story by Jamaica Kincaid which has a deeper undertone of freedom while the mother explains how to be a lady. In the short story girl the mother explains how to be a lady, however with a deeper meaning of freedom behind it using a few key lines such as calling her daughter a slut.
The story Girl is very well written by the mother showing
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However with a contrast of how her mother succeeded she also repeats a line “ This is how you hem a dress when you see the hem coming down and so to prevent yourself from looking like a slut I know you are so bent on becoming “ this line shows that she is letting her make her own decisions however guiding her towards the right direction.
The mother uses these undertones to prove points without saying them for example when she says this is how you smile at a boy you completely like, this undertone makes it clear that she wants her daughter to meet the one before she pushes her independence.
The story girl uses many undertones and small hints while also explaining the mother's success to freedom this makes the short story have a deeper meaning of freedom and looking to people for success. The contrast between success and independence is what makes this short story so memorable, it is a give and a take for the mother, the mother gives her the idea of her success while saying she is a slut that she is bent on becoming makes the undertone of freedom.
The story overall though can be taken many ways can be seen as a mother reaching out to a teen girl in hopes to make her a great
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