Imagery In Liliana Heker's The Stolen Party

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‘’The Stolen Party” written by Liliana Heker is a short story about a nine year old girl named Rosaura. Rosaura is invited to a birthday party with rich people and she is treated more like a servant than a guest at the party. For example, Senora Ines reached into her pink purse and took out two dollar bills and give it to Rosaura, instead of giving her a goody bag as she did to the other children at Luciana’s birthday party. “Thank you for all your help, my pet” Senora Ines said to Rosaura. Senora Ines action showed that Rosaura was being treated more like a help than a guest at her daughter’s party. Senora Ines was Rosaura mom’s boss. “The Stolen Party” is worth reading. It may just be a short story, but it is very special. It is very special because it has modern day societal connections, relatable characters, and a rich plot. These things make it worth reading. The author’s craft used in the story is imagery. Liliana Heker’s writing style helped me connect with the characters in the story. For example, our the summer, my sister, aunt and I visited a particular pool in Essex County and we were not welcomed and looked down upon because we were the only black visitors. That experience made me feel uncomfortable. I can relate to Rosaura because she didn’t feel welcome at Luciana’s …show more content…

Hermina is the housemaid and Rosaura being her daughter is treated like a servant at Luciana’s party. The setting drawn me into the story by it taking place in a mansion. Who wouldn’t want to hear about a big, beautiful house mansion? Some elements of a plot that drew me in was the climax and the resolution. The climax drew me in because a if a random girl walked up to me, said that I wasn’t someone's friend, and they claim that I’m not. I would me upset. The resolution drew me in because I thought that Rosaura was going to get a goodybag instead of two dollars. The yoyo and bracelet is worth more than two

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