Imagery In The Looking Glass Wars Beddor

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Would you like to live in a world where whatever you imagine that it would come true. You could think of a singing and dancing flower and it would be right there in front of you. How would you like to go to that place where you can do that. Where do you think you could go to be able to do that. In The Looking Glass Wars, Beddor uses imagery to reveal and explore how Alyss looks and acts in the story. In the beginning Alyss is a spirited person, she is nice, and she is also mischievous. She would “Drop Jolly bellies on the guards below”. Alyss’ friend is Dodge and is the son of Sir Justice. Alyss loves to pull pranks on people. Then alyss had Gone to the pool of tears and had Jumped in and was transported to London. There was a carriage and she thought her mother was in it so she tried to run after it then she told the Guard. He said “I am princess Alyss Heart The Queen is my mother and-” “Your-? well well” The soldier turned to the fellow standing next to him, which heard everything.” (Beddor 50) Alyss Does not know why the guards would not believe her she does not know where she is. “... What about you? Otis asked Quigley. “What’ve you brought?” “I brought the princess right enough.” “ we can 't eat the princess.” (Beddor 64)I think they said that because…show more content…
Alyss is now used to living in london and feels like she was there all of her life. “A cruel vicious man! what am I supposed to do now. Can’t live as odd alyss.”(Beddor 149) Alyss does not like dodgson right now for twisting her story. She wants everyone to know the truth about what happened to her. “They immediately noticed a change in alyss without being able to pinpoint what I was.” (Beddor 151) They knew that there was something wrong with alyss they just didn’t need to find it. Alyss was different to them because of how she was so used to living in
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