Imagery In The Poem Harlem

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The poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes is about dreams that have yet to be accomplished. The title of the poem is “Harlem”, Harlem is a community located in New York that consisted mainly of African Americans. In the poem Harlem, Hughes uses similes and imagery to help the reader have a better understanding of what Hughes is trying to illustrate in this poem. The poem “Harlem” is an example of human nature because humans have a tendency to delay pursuing a task that is difficult to complete. Life can become demanding and dreams can seem far-fetched or even impossible. It can be easier to prolong a dream than putting in the effort to find a way to accomplish the dream. The poem begins with the word “deferred” or to delay. What are the effects of a dream that is postponed and not accomplished “what happens to a dream deferred?” (Hughes 1). If a dream is delayed there are different…show more content…
When something is weighty it can be difficult to support it for a long period of time. When you have a dream that is important to you and you procrastinate the thought of having to accomplish that dream can begin to weigh on you. “. . . maybe it just sags like a heavy load” (Hughes 9-10) suggest that the load you are carrying is eventually going to plummet. Dreams that seem too strenuous only get more difficult the longer you wait to achieve them. The more time that passes, the more burdensome it can become to support something that is so heavy. When you are holding something that is very heavy eventually you will become tired and you will need to rest. In this case, you would be putting the dream to rest this will cause you to move on. The poem ends with “Or does it explode?” (Hughes 11) time is constantly ticking and you only have so much time to accomplish your dream before it 's too late. When time has run out there is no going back it has become too late to try and achieve the dream. Once the dream “explodes” the dream will fade away and there will be no going back to try to
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