Imagery In The Raven By Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe connected to things the people of his time did not. His poems often included things of darkness and grief. He often used imagery. Each poem 's themes are dark and freaky. He was an amazing writer and a great poet for his day. Some of his poems include “The Raven” and also “Spirits of the Dead”. He had some very rough first years both as a child as well as an adult (Biography of EAP). Through his early adult years he was a heavy drinker (Biography of EAP). This could explain why he wrote dark and frightening stories (Biography of EAP).

The poem “The Raven” is probably one of Poe 's more famous works. The poem is summed up as the gentleman sitting in the chair attempting to find sleep and is startled (Poe’s Poetry). He can never find relief because of the recent death of his wife Lenore (“Poe’s Poetry”). The gentleman is asking the Raven, which Poe chose because of its human like sound making abilities, about his lost wife Lenore (Thomas Ollive Mabbott). When the gentleman asks the Raven if Lenore had gone to heaven the Raven says "Nevermore" (“Poe’s Poetry”). As the story progresses the man began to get angry and the Raven stayed forever. Poe was always interested in stories and legends about
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The first stanza is about the reader alone in a cemetery (Spirits of the Dead). In the fourth stanza it talks about the mist in the poem as like a veil between life and death and how life and death are separated in such great ways (“Spirits of the Dead"). The dead spirits are awaiting their loved ones and want them to come to them in the afterlife (“Spirits of the Dead"). When Poe had written this poem it was one of his first works. That meant he was 18 when it was written it (Biography of EAP). The reason for this poem is so Edgar Allan Poe can tell the horrors that most likely happen for the spirits (“Spirits of the Dead"). He also wanted to make a poem that was frightening (Stuff Jeff
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