Imagination Disaster Susan Sontag Analysis

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Susan Sontag, an author of the essay “Imagination Disaster,” explores the world of science fiction as she discusses the tropes in films from the mid-1900s. Throughout her essay, Sontag analyzes why these types of films were created, and basically ties her discussion with humanity. With the growing technological advances, science fiction films state specific things about how science threatens humanity. She also ties her discussion to how sci-fi films tend to serve an attempt at distributing a balance between humanity and the technological world. Sontag claims that science fiction films has suspense, shock, surprises, has an inexorable plot, and how they invite a dispassionate, aesthetic view of destruction and violence. She also states that sci-fi is touching and some of it is depressing. Basically, detects war that opposes no problems or moral qualifications. Finally, she makes a claim that science technology is a good unifier and how they create a utopian society where everyone thinks alike. Sontag states powerful claims that are indeed true. In fact, Guardians of The Galaxy vol. 2 is an excellent sci-fi film that supports Susans claims. Sontag claims that sci-fi films do not contain horror. In fact, she states that “ suspense, shock, surprises are mostly abjured in favor of a steady inexorable plot. Science fiction films invite a dispassionate, aesthetic view of destruction and violence--a technological view” (332). In other words, science fiction films, only contain
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