Imagination In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Imagination can be defined as the ability of an individual to from images and to think in a creative or inventive way ,the ability to dream and create an illusion of ourselves and it is something that everyone processes. The imagination of a human being can be a blessing in disguise or beautiful nightmare. Either one of these can affect the way an individual 's willingness to embrace or reject an uncertain future. When someone imagination is shaped by dramatic desire and moral rejects the world around them begins to feel like a frightening place. The wellness to reject an uncertain future will become far more prominent than for other people compared to an individual that hasn 't been faced with the same chances.

As young adults we often dream about living an ideal lifestyle , throughout the play Blanche Dubois is seen creating the illusion of having the
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Stanley feels the threat to his marriage after the big fight he has with Stella after the poker game. Stanley feels as if he is losing control over Stella and believes Blanche is the one to blame for Stellas behaviour becoming different. An example of this was shown when Stella turned on the radio in the bedroom and was talking to Blanche while the man were playing poker in the next room. Stanley was demonstrating his domactis over Stella whe he asked her to “turn the radio off and hush up” Stella replied saying “this is my house ,i 'll talk as much as I want too”. Stanley has a set illusion of Throughout Blanche 's stay at his house, he feels that she has drunk his liquor, eaten his food, used his house and felt that she still had the nerve to disrepresent him in his own house. He conceals himself to be the "king" of the house. This proof that Stanley has created the illusion of being the more the dominant “alpha male “of his household is unwilling to accept change around him for his
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