Imaginative Narrative Writing

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Imaginative Narrative Writing Assignment: A Rescue During the dark, in winter of 1847. A man with his wife, cursed by an unknown plague, trudged across snow covered fields. She had been sick for weeks but they planned to escape months ago, the man promised her they would find a doctor when they reached their new home, in southern canada. They set out from workhouse, both on foot, when the last candle in the house was blown out and they were sure they wouldn 't be seen. They walked nearly the whole night. The woman pleaded for her husband to stop so she could rest, he refused and the last time she asked he picked her up and put her on his back. The man grew tired his feet swollen and aching. He pushed forward still, the thought of his wife dying was what pushed him. He couldn 't bear to be alone, not now or ever. They met when they were only 8 years old and have been inseparable for the past 40 years since. The sun began to rise and the man woke his wife. He needed to stay hidden in the forest and get off the road. His wife woke up after about 15 minutes after they made it into the forest. She asked for food, water, to rest again but not wake up. He felt her forehead, her fever had gotten worse. He stopped near a big oak tree he took a blanket from the small bag he carried which held enough food for a week, a tin of water, a small pot, and a box of matches, he acquired while working a few days prior. Started a small fire with some leaves and a small piece of wood. He

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