Imagine John Lennon Analysis Essay

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Imagine by John Lennon under his album Imagine brings a vision of hope to listeners; an idea that becomes a possibility. Who would have thought that the world could get along? Throughout the song peace is shown to be something that can be accomplished if only we could overcome our selfish desires. Throughout the song he refers to religion, culture divide, and greed. When listening to the song the tone is very sanguine. It isn’t too upbeat, overpowering the message, but is catchy enough to be popular. Lennon only sings to the piano and light drumming keeping the message the forefront of the song. It reaches out to the listener and persuades them that one day the world could be a better place if we overcome our differences. In the first verse…show more content…
He sings, “imagine there’s no countries...nothing to kill or die for,” which encourages everyone to break the barrier of culture; the mental divide that we set up against others. If we didn’t judge the good and the bad of people as often as we do there is a chance that we could get along. In the last line of the second verse Lennon says, “and no religion too,” and that pulls in to the idea of culture. Religion is a huge part of culture everywhere around the world, even in America. Although it may be hard to be accepting of what you think may be wrong, being kind could make an impression on that person; forcing others to believe a certain view only pushes them further…show more content…
How can we accept others when they are wrong? When Lennon asks listeners to imagine a life without these cultural, religious, and material divides it makes us believe that acceptance is easy, but it’s not. Everywhere in the world acceptance of others is a very difficult task. Different cultures and beliefs separate us from the normal depending on where you are located. Accepting others ideas doesn’t mean that anyone has to agree, it means that we must be kind to others even if their ways are strange to
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