Imagine John Lennon Analysis

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What inspired John Lennon to write the Imagine and why is it considered one of his greatest songs? At first it had been hard to pick a song from the list because there were so many songs on the list that I had known prior to this assignment and a lot of them had sentimental meanings to me. Through the process of narrowing down the songs I looked up what was going on in the world at the time they were made and that helped narrow it down to a few. My last step was to just pick the song that had the greatest meaning to me and that song was Imagine. When I was growing up I remember listing to this song on car rides and at parties. My dad loves John Lennon and one of his favorite songs is Imagine, that is why I ultimately pick Imagine as the song I wanted to do this project on. Imagine, by John Lennon, was written in 1971 by Lennon and Yoko Ono. Imagine was inspired by Ono 's book Grapefruit and specifically the poem Cloud Piece. Lennon gave co-credit on the song to Ono saying, "The song was originally inspired by Yoko 's book Grapefruit. In it are a lot of pieces saying, imagine this, imagine that. Yoko actually helped a lot with the lyrics, but I wasn 't man enough to let her have credit for it. I was still selfish enough and unaware enough to sort of take her contribution without acknowledging it. I was still full of wanting my own space after being in a room with the guys all the time, having to share everything." (All We Are Saying. David Sheff) (Beatles Bible) Imagine was
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