Imagine There's No Heaven By Salman Rushdie

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A common questioning of a higher power beyond the physical realm lingers in society: Who and what is God?. However, many of these theological questions cannot be answered until we, of course, die. Due to human’s innate curiosity to understand the forces beyond their own, especially in terms of religion, humans find their own reasons to believe in God in the process of discovery. Religion is a sense of belief and worship to praise a higher power (God), and it provides a guide for human beings to have the opportunity to come together and live as one image of God’s children. “Imagine There’s No Heaven” is an article in which Salman Rushdie, the author, presents an atheistic view where religion is pointless, and a higher being is non-existent. …show more content…

His article has expressive tones with a clear appeal to his audience. The effectiveness of his messages portrays that religion doesn’t mean much because Rushdie simply believes in science and evolution. The article clearly reaches its audience in a more rational way,“As a result of this faith, by the way, it has proved impossible, in many parts of the world, to prevent the human race’s numbers from swelling alarmingly.” Rushdie’s logical perspective to show that mass dependence on God does not get rid of the issues in our earth ,“the sky god, it’s said, made the universe by churning its matter in a giant pot.” With convincing his audience with creditably through science, whose “wild doings will convince you that the real engine of creation was lust: for infinite power, for too infinite power, for too easily broken human bodies, for clouds of glory”. Since there are many stories about how the earth being created through the creation of God’s love and lust, Rushdie figures out that in reality earth was created through science. Religion or religious systems have been a guide for humans to find a sense of purpose and well-being. It has pathways to block the outside influences. Outside influences can take human-beings away from being civil, and most people from a sense of belonging through the word of …show more content…

Rushdie attempts to change the way you think about religion. Describing the way religion compensates for the evil being done by those who are wrong. “Only you can decide if you want to be handed down the law by priests, and accept that good and evil are somehow external to ourselves”. Religion is like our external selves to set our moral views to the immoral above us. Religion allows an escape that takes away our evil around us that solves the greatest mystery feeling such as fear. Since we don't have answers to these theological questions,our worships and rituals help create civilization in a part of our life. Since Rushdie states that religion doesn’t allow us to reach our full potential because of birth control, sexuality and STD’s. Religion is that exact reason to believe, simply because faith is the ultimate way to keep going throughout your day to day life. Rushdie states “ as a result of this faith, by the way, it has proven impossible, in many parts of the world, to prevent the human race number from swelling alarmingly”. Basically if we’d follow the spiritual rules we wouldn’t have things like sexually transmitted diseases,in Rushdie's opinion religion is a theory proven wrong. We can say the same about science and evolution and counter argue the reason of God bringing his son down for forgiving our sins. Not everything that is man made, it correct, not saying religion is

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