Imagined Violence Analysis

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There is a diverse amount of issues today, many of which pertain to forgiveness. Several related to complications involving self identity and human relationships. Halberstam, the scholar who wrote “Imagined Violence”, used his work to explain possible productive places for marginalized groups. Marginalized groups refer to social disadvantages within society. He described these disadvantages by indicating social change through fear, humanization and education for privileged groups. Halberstam went deeper into society’s core to show the horrid truth behind true equality within our own country. This was meant to examine imagined violence as a tool used to educate society based on their need for redemption. Halberstam reflects on today’s issues…show more content…
Stereotypical violence is the stigma that black men commit all the crime. It is important to note that stereotypes should not be eliminated, they do provide some structure. A homogenous society would be an inadequate route for social change. The reason for this is that a cultural shift would cause an obstruction to the pillars of redemption. Eradication of the identities of marginalized groups infringes upon freedom. If everyone were the same on all levels then there would be an absence of freedom, because it would be frowned upon to be different. Although it is clear in the Rodney King scenario that the officer initiated the act and did not represent himself well in a place of authority, it didn’t seem to matter to the hierarchy of the court system. Furthermore, imagined violence is a possible place of power for those who cannot actually commit violence, even when it is continuously…show more content…
These tools relate directly to redemption. Redemption is the act of forgiving others while freeing yourself from guilt. Evaluating your resources allows one to realize what objects they require to enhance survival. Despite the fact that one cannot forgive another for not having the proper resources for survival, one can guide others on what assets to possess. This may not relieve you from guilt, because you most likely don’t care, but these are suggestive solutions to eradicating marginalized groups. Reflecting on social disadvantages and creating actions to abolish them is a beneficial start. Redemption is forgiving others, nevertheless redeeming others is the rarest and most superior form of redemption. Halberstam’s use of humanization in “Imagined Violence” to demonstrate a recognized sense of human dignity, representing guidance between those in need of assets. Violence is impossible to obliterate, nonetheless violence can be interpreted in a different way. Halberstam adequately made this point by indicating that an overall awareness of imagined violence will diminish social disadvantages by removing stereotypes. Analyzing stereotypes allows one to come to terms with the idea that stereotypes come from the same source, marginalized groups. Social disadvantages are real and need to be approached in a supportive way, instead these groups are conventionalized
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