Imagining The Immigrant: Article Analysis

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Limiting Freedom in America is Wrong America is the symbol of freedom and the land of opportunity; however, this not achieved by limiting diversity to one specific ethnicity. America is the country that it is today as a result of immigrants and the people throughout history who have kept an open mind to the idea of a “tossed salad” society. Throughout history America has been a nation inhabited by immigrants. During the late 19th century and early 20th century, immigrants from all over the world came to America in search of a better life with new beginnings. The nation was not concerned about large groups or the ethnicities entering the U.S., since the need for laborers was in high demand. Even today the same concept has not changed, skilled laborers are in high demand and the majority of these skilled laborers are Mexican immigrants; however, immigrants are being persecuted and deported back to their country. The U.S. has long debated the increase of Mexican immigrants entering the country. Politicians only seek justice and truth never considering the reason why an immigrant would cross the border illegally knowing that it violates the law. In an article, Imagining The Immigrant: Why Legality Must Give Way to Humanity, John Savant…show more content…
In many ways society is influenced with the views and opinions of how important immigrants are vital to everyday life. Imagine a nation where everyone looked, talked and dressed the same. Where is the freedom and happiness in a society that never changes? The U.S. needs to change the views and outlook on immigration; needless to say, be open-minded to the contribution of skilled laborers and what their culture will bring to the nation. Politicians need to use their imagination, an unbiased view, which has no limits and no boundaries to its potential. This will truly define America as a free country that welcomes
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