Imagining The Post Antibiotics Future Summary

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IS THE POSSIBILITY OF POST-ANTIBIOTICS REAL? Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future is an essay written by Maryn McKenna to emphasize focus on our lack of appreciation for what antibiotics have done for us and will continue to do for us, but only if we let them. She presents a very insightful and eye opening argument. She relies heavily on a very personal story as well as many facts and research to create such a convincing argument. McKenna begins her essay with recalling a time in which she found out about the death of her great-uncle due to a very infection. This happened only five years before the antibiotic that could have treated him and prevented his death came to be. In illustrating this story, she describes the event as one that “scarred his family with a grief they never recovered from.” (188) Through this story, as a reader, it is almost impossible not to imagine yourself in her shoes. That, along with the use of these very emotionally provoking words, she captures the audience from the beginning with this pathetic appeal that carries on throughout the essay. She goes on to appeal to logics as well. She does a very good job as a rhetor in presenting very specific facts. She notes important dates…show more content…
She addresses the other side of the argument which is a really good push forward for her ethos because it shows that she sees the other side, but she is still able to argue against it. Another big appeal to her ethos is a simple two words. She pulls more factual evidence but this time presents it as “Dr. Michael Bell…told me…” (192). In saying that he himself told her shows that she did her research and this is a big appeal to her ethos because it makes the reader create the undeniable trust in her because you know she put in her efforts to make sure she was completely informed about the
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