Professional 8 Inch Chef's Knife Analysis

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Imarku Professional 8 Inch Chef 's Knife Review
The Professional 8 Inch Chef 's Knife is one of the kitchen products of Imarku, which is designed for professional chefs, food caterers, culinary experts, and for an ordinary people, as well. It is a multipurpose knife, which is ideal for a variety of tasks, such as dicing, chopping, cutting, slicing not only vegetables and fruits, but also other products, such as fish and meat. If you would like to smash or pound the garlic or to remove flesh from bones, then the Professional 8 Inch Chef 's Knife from Imarku is an ideal kitchen tool. This powerful cutting tool is crafted using German technology and it comes with toughened 8-inch blade, which is made of the durable stainless steel …show more content…

The material also assists the knife to function well for cutting all sorts of products besides offering it the increased sturdiness. As it consists of 0.6 to 0.75% carbon, it is capable of offering twice the performance other analogous knives that contain 0.3% carbon. Moreover, the 7Cr17-grade stainless steel holds the edge retention of the knife and delivers outstanding lasting sharpness. The material also allows you to maintain it …show more content…

Are the knife is dishwasher safe?
NO. It is not dishwater safe, as it will be damaged.
2. Is the knife a Damascus tool?
No, it comes with the 7CR17MOV high carbon stainless steel blade that contains 0.6% to 0.75% carbon when compared to normal knives that come with 0.3% carbon blades. This means that this knife from Imarku is two times harder than the normal knives.
3. What about the balance on this Imarku knife?
The knife comes with a durable and strong handle that is made of Pakka material, which is well known for its softness and comfort. This allows you to balance this cutting tool on one finger exactly where its blade meets its handle.
Final Verdict
Overall, the Professional 8 Inch Chef 's Knife from Imarku is an extremely nice knife, as it is wonderfully crafted, designed with lightweight materials and it offers good balance, as well. The design and the performance of this cutting tool will make you feel as if you are a professional chef. It also comes with a durable, stylish box top store the knife safely. Considering its performance, attractive design, ultra-sharp blade, durable handle, and its versatility, it is concluded that this knife from Imarku should be a must-have cutting tool in every

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