Movie Analysis: Imitation Game

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Imitation Game is a decent movie to watch and have gotten a lot of awards. Through this film we can learn about a lot of things in particular Theories of International Relations framework. The film tells the story of a scientist about mathematics graduate of Cambridge which contributes to the State of the United Kingdom to win the World War II in a way that is unexpected. The contributions are done very inspiring because it managed to save 14 million people.
The film is set during World War II which tells about the struggle of the University of Cambridge graduate mathematician named Alan Turing. Alan Turing was recruited by the secret intelligence service of the United Kingdom Government to break the code of sophisticated machine-made Germany named Enygma during World War II. Engyma engine is a machine that is used to translate the Nazi message so it is very difficult to solve. Alan Turing is contributing to Country United Kingdom by way of making a machine that he named Christopher to crack the code. The machine that he pulled out a very large fee so the Government threatens Alan Turing to immediately solve them and prove that the machine can function in quick time. United Kingdom Government cannot wait long because of the growing number of casualties in World War II. Alan Turing fighting against time as it is very valuable for millions of inhabitants.
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Both sides feel anxious to be his country 's security so that each other is the other thought competitors and must be defeated. Every party wants to gain power and preventing another party dominating power. International politics as an arena of competition to defend national interests and ensure survival. National security is the goal of every State and as a benchmark in determining foreign policy. The war is considered to be a way out of a conflict.
Invasion of Poland against Germany led to the United Kingdom declared resistance to the Country Germany. This is because Poland is a country of the former colonies of the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom which gives independence against Poland. The United Kingdom expressed resistance to make Germany attempted to attack the United Kingdom and strengthening its military in order to win with the aim of dominating power in the United Kingdom.
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