Immaculee's Cruel Journey In The Rwandan

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Some people, who go through horrific and important historical events are sometimes given recognition for their brave heart and their courageous actions. Others, sometimes, are glorified to look like they are divine and so perfect that they resemble a God-like figure. Take Immaculee Ilibagiza into account. She suffered through the Rwandan Genocide and Steve Erwin is keen on sharing her story with the world. In her story, Left to Tell, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s temptation to elevate Immaculee’s status in the world leads to a misleading interpretation of her divinity and perfection. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes the forward to Immaculee’s cruel journey in the Rwandan Holocaust and he depicts her as the most amazing, perfect, and ethereal human being. He is adamant to show everyone her truly inspiring story and to get them to understand just how religious Immaculee really is and how that got her through the genocide. He has devoted his time to write the foreword to help people understand the importance of high faith in times of distress. While Immaculee is in the bathroom, praying with her father’s rosary, she finds herself having a difficult time forgiving the Hutu killers. “But try as I might, I couldn’t bring myself to pray for the killers. That was a problem because I knew that God expected us to pray for everyone, and more than anything,…show more content…
“I asked God to bless Pastor Murinzi for risking his own safety to help us…but then I winced at the prayer. A flush of anger burned my cheeks as I remembered how he’d sent my brother and our friend into the night” (74). This quote is an example of her being defensive and finger-pointing when, in reality, she was the one who had sent her brother and Augustine out of the house. She doesn’t want to except the fact that she has done something wrong, so she cowardly projects the blame onto somebody

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