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Immanuel Baptist Church, like many Southern Baptist Churches in the USA exists, in their own words to “glorify God by making disciples who live Gospel centered lives through worship, service, and missions in authentic community.” ( As a church, IBC Shawnee lives to fulfill the great commission of Jesus, which is to “make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the Son and of the Holy” through their local and global outreach programs (Matt 28: ESV). IBC thrives around a community-centered culture, as many of the activities and events that are planned at the church involve people of all ages, from senior adults to preschoolers. IBC regularly hosts events to bring the body of Christ together for…show more content…
By doing this, he is able to see a clearer picture of DNOW, and is better able to plan for the event. He makes a checklist of the things that need to be done, and from there he comes up with a game plan as to how he is going to succeed in putting on a youth event. The next thing that he does is cast a vision, which involves reaching out to different host homes that are willing to take students and convincing them to allow teenagers into their house for a night. He also casts the vision to the students so that they understand what DNOW is about and why they should participate. The last part of their planning process is realizing how they are going to reach this goal. Aaron brainstorms with his staff in regards to the different ways that people can reach their goals, and from these ideas they pick a few and run with them. They then go out and execute the plan, coordinating 100-150 students into a few houses for the DNOW…show more content…
The top tier is the Senior Staff, which is voted on by the church body, which is compromised of the Senior Pastor (Todd Fisher), the Senior Associate Pastor (Scott Schooler), Associate Pastor (Mark Wright), Associate Worship Pastor (Jason Henson), and the Minister to College and Singles (Michael Pelter). Todd Fisher, being the Senior Pastor, is the head over the entire operation (the CEO), and everything important runs through him or one of his immediate staff. The second tier is compromised of the Youth Pastor (Jason Peck) and the associate youth pastor, the man I interviewed (Aaron Fullbright). While this works similar to a typical church, the entire staff is allowed to voice their opinions at weekly meetings with one another, as everyone’s opinion is valued in the church. While different people have varying levels of importance, they operate as a close-knit family and work well with one another, creating a fun dynamic that is

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