Immanuel Kant Research Paper

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The Biography of Immanuel Kant, Immanuel day of birth was on April 22, 1724 born in Prussian city of Königsberg currently known as Kaliningrad in Russia. Kant family was a part of a Lutheran Church; his parents were pietists and even though they raised him in the same believe Kant didn’t appear to be very sympathetic to this kind of religious devotion (McCormick, Matt). Kant in an early age he showed a great ability to learn things. Throughout his education years his admiration for the classics of Latin literature grew, particularly the poet Lucretius. Therefore how Immanuel Kant became so well-known and contributes to the study of business ethics? Kant attended at the University of Königsberg he studied on the classics, Philosophy, then professors Martin Knutzen introduced him to mathematical physics of Newton. When Kant father’s death in 1746 he was left with no money and had to leave the University. Kant needed to make money and decided to work as a private tutor; he was tutoring the local children of well-known families. Then Kant went back to the University and was paid directly by the students rather than the University (McCormick, Mat). Kant was he able to make money, and this helped him published many essays and other short works during this period. Immanuel Kant worked on a couple topics on Scientific and in 1749 he…show more content…
Sometimes people critic based on the actions you make. I think you must carry yourself in a respective way and that way you don’t give any reason for people to talk of you or critic you. I really think it would be a good idea if school systems use the ethics moral from Kant, that way our kids would learn early in life. Kant hard work paid off to help people understand and learn the moral values, people that rad about his moral values could learn many things especially on how to deal in making decisions and how actions have
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