Immanuel Kant's Theory

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Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher and is a central figure in modern philosophy. Kant stated that the human mind creates and builds the human experience. His view was that there are some things we should do and some we should not merely for the virtue of being rational thus moral value has noting to do with consequences. One of the main features of Kants theory is Respect for persons, which dictates the depth of intrinsic value. Intrinsic value means that something has “in itself’ or “for its own sake” or “as such” or “on its own right”. Detailing the concept that do good not for your sake but because it causes happiness to others and spreads goodwill. Kant wanted people to have the ethic in which they don’t use other people as instruments…show more content…
He is a Kantian ethic follower and believes that all humans are an end in itself and not means to an end. Now that he is enjoying so much of profit he wants to open a school in the rural areas of Pakistan where there are no means and sources of education and children have to walk for miles in order to get to school. His intention is good and wants to spread happiness even though many of his friend’s tease him with saying to you are showing off but his inner values are positive. Another opportunity he gets is to open a factory, now that he has the choice of opening it where ever he wants Ali is thinking to establish it in reign a small town where there are good means and low population thus less complaints for pollution but Ali is short with labor in Reign so he has the choice to open it in V-town another small town near Reign where he able to find labor as well but Ali gets to know that Reign has a huge unemployment rate and low income rate so as Ali is non-consequentialist and its his duty to work for the community he will open the factory in Reign. This means Ali is following intrinsic value that even if he had better labor in V-town he did not go there because he did not want his production to be done effectively but he wanted that unemployment rate should be decreased and people aren’t used as tools for his benefit but they work to make their end good and Ali wants to spread goodwill. If Ali had opened in V-town even if he knew
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