Philosopher Immanuel Kant That Lying Is Immorally Wrong

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Amir Romero-Harvey Research Pg.1 The philosopher Immanuel Kant said that lying was amorally wrong. He argued that all people are born with an "intrinsic worth" that he called human dignity. This dignity derives from the fact that humans are uniquely rational, capable of freely making their own decisions, setting their own goals, and guiding their conduct by reason. To be human, Kant states, is to have the rational power of free choice; to be ethical, and to respect that power in oneself and others. ( Lies are morally wrong, for two reasons. First, lying corrupts the most important quality of being human: your ability to make free, rational choices is deprived of you the moment you tell a lie. Each lie you tell contradicts the part of you that gives you moral worth. Second, lies deprive others of their freedom to choose rationally. When your lie leads people to decide other than they would have had they known the truth, you have harmed their human dignity and autonomy. Kant believed…show more content…
This specific event, little did I know would a play a crucial part on my life, as a result of what was all a lie. Growing up in middle school much like young boys I was very curious and eager to grow up a little to fast for my age. I had always been around the opposite sex as a kid and I always knew that I liked girls. Unfortunately for me this curiosity in my young age would soon my a problem for me after a harmless dare to touch an older girls butt at my school turned into an even bigger deal that I could have hoped for. As you could probably imagine my immatureness in a gesture of comedy did not go over so easily with the girl that I essentially assaulted. Although my intentions were harmless, I disrespected that girl and as a result of her clearly being pissed off with me, she told the principal on
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