Immanuel Kant's On Perpetual Peace

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Human nature has progress in time from the barbarian to civilized mankind, from undemocratic to be more liberal and democratic. The civilization of human nature growth matured into a more structured values, culture and norms, institutions, system and rule of law to govern the domestic and international relation of states. The idea of a democratic state does not go to war has become a very influential theory among liberalist scholars. ‘On Perpetual Peace’ - Democratic peace theory (DPT) introduced by Immanuel Kant in 1795’. Democracy in general represent a form of government in which people choose leaders through electoral process. DPT denotes the idea of liberalism. The essence of liberalism centered around actors referred to state and non-state,…show more content…
Considerably yes. Doyle’s theory is basically rooted to Kantian principle. According to Kant, peace between states can be materialized only by states transforming into a republican government. In this instance, citizens consent is required in order to decide whether the state should go to war. History indicates that war was mainly conducted by undemocratic countries. Furthermore, democracies always justify themselves for going to war and liberally for the reason to defend the freedom state and society. Secondly, Kant liberal republicanism must be spread universally in order to achieve perpetual peace among states. This will result in states having similar attributes hence decrease the possibility of war between democracies. Finally, in international arena, perception of others is important and will influence decision making of a state. Mutual trust, respect and non-interference will deter states from…show more content…
First being the normative model, describe that democracies simply don’t fight each other on the basis of trust, compromising, common values and perspectives as well as a similar form of government. These qualities will eventually lead to a greater interstate cooperation in the international system and ultimately encourage economic liberty as incentives to greater prosperity and peace globally. The long term relationship between USA and Canada displays shared values and mutual interest. Various international cooperation has developed since the failure of League Nation in 1912. United Nation was formed in 1945 to foster a democratization process and followed by many other cooperation between states and regions to ensure peaceful relations. ASEAN is another example of great cooperation between democratic states to ensure stability in the region for it will bring prosperity and ultimately reduce the possibility of
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