Immanuel Kant's Radical Honesty

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Can anyone say they’ve never lied before? No, everyone has told a lie at least once in their life, but does that make it okay? Well, the german philosopher, Immanuel Kant, strongly feels that lying destroys the liar’s human dignity and that under no circumstances is lying excused. Brad Blanton, the author of “Radical Honesty,” agrees that we shouldn't lie. He believes that lying puts an unnecessary stress on our lives, but he disagrees with Kant’s remark that lying is never justified. Blanton believes that if it’s a life threatening situation the lie can be excused. On the other hand writer Randy Cohen believes that although lying makes you lose credibility it is sometimes a moral duty. Bella DePaulo also believes that lying is sometimes necessary…show more content…
According to Brad Blanton, “..lying is stressful and hurts relationships.” I agree, being lied to is an incredibly hurtful thing for several reasons, it makes us feel manipulated and unworthy of being told the truth, and they also deprive us of control over our future because we can no longer make an informed decision on the matter at hand. Writer, Randy Cohen, also agrees that lying hurts relationships. He says, “Once a person finds out you lied, you lose currency in their eyes.” Lying is one of the worst things you can do to a loved one because their faith is shattered and the next time around, they find it harder to trust you. Lying harms the other person greatly and if we truly want to keep a healthy relationship with them we should alway be honest because they deserve the whole truth and nothing but the…show more content…
Lies put unnecessary stress on our lives and ruin our relationships. Why risk our happiness when it’s so easy just to be honest and share our true opinion with people. Telling the truth allows us to show people who we really are because when we are honest, we have nothing to hide. Although it may seem unrealistic to tell the truth 100% of the time, you have to realize that lies only leads to more lies and when it becomes easy for us to be dishonest in small situations, it becomes even easier to be dishonest in bigger ones. If we make it a daily habit to practice honesty in all that we do, we find it much easier to become honest people more
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