Immature Love

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Love is able to express in different way towards our daily life. For example, we have parents’ love, friends’ love, brothers’ love and romantic love etc. According to Erich Fromm, love is an important way for us to overcome the separateness between oneself and the world and the corresponding loneliness. However, how can we achieve it with a mature love instead of immature love? If it becomes immature love, what are the effects among parents and their child? Therefore, I am going to discuss and analyze the love between the parents and their child. Furthermore, I would like to talk about the phenomenon of helicopter parents in the following essay.

Definition of related concepts

Before discussing and expressing my own opinions and the illustration in the following essay, I would like to give you a brief definition about the related concepts.
According to Erich Fromm, love as an activity and is more about giving than receiving to view other part as a giver. Also, he stated the difference between the immature love and mature love, and there is an existence of transformation in them.
Immature love can be defined that “I love you because I need you.” It really relies on someone to support such as the emotionally and psychologically even financially. However, if someone cannot fulfill their needs and wants, they will look
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Up to our understanding, parental love toward their child is very common and acceptable. Most of the helicopter parents will over-protect or over getting involved in their child’s life such as the education, extra-curricular activities, and life etc. All of us clearly know that the reasons of their action are care about and hope their child have a better life in the future. This is one way of love expression from the parents. However, this new type of parental love seems to be unacceptable and immature in our society. Reasons as the
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