Immigrant Assimilation In Canada

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Canada is one of the world’s most welcoming Immigrant destinations. Canada’s official prominence on multiculturalism has frequently diverted attention from the normal problems of assimilation that most immigrants must resolve in order to inaugurate themselves successfully in the country. Canada is a multicultural and a diverse country however Immigrant Assimilation has always been a major problem in the country. Immigrant Assimilation is the process in which a group or a culture resemble cultures of a different group. Canada has a history of Immigrants Assimilation. For example, the first nations in Canada were forced to assimilate and adapt the Canadian culture. They were forced to go to residential schools where they were taught the English…show more content…
Many cultures are lost because of the people of those cultures are assimilated. When a government notices loss of a crucial culture in the society because people of that culture are assimilating and adopting new culture, the government will be forced to make schools and form societies where people of the certain culture can live, study their native languages and practice their cultures and religions. The government in Canada had different plans and objectives to keep the culture alive in the country. Over the course of years, the government has built different religions places for people of different cultures. For example, they built mosques, churches and temples for the people of different cultures to visit. This had a very positive result, it made Canada a lot more diverse and multicultural. It helped keep the religions and cultures alive in the country and made sure those cultures don’t vanish from the…show more content…
It is good because the Immigrants learn languages which helps them learn more about the Canadian society. It will make life a whole lot easier for them in Canada. It is bad because if the people go through a full assimilation they might lose their native culture and religion and they will completely sink in new culture which is the English/European culture in this case. Therefore, I think the Immigrants should assimilate but only till a point when it is still benefiting them they should not reach a point where they just completely sink in the new culture and forget about their native

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