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The Novel Immigrant portrays the life of a female protagonist named Nina who works as a lecturer in Miranda House. At a very early age she had lost her father and was compelled to live under the shelter of her grandparents along with her mother. Her father passed away because of sudden cardiac arrest leaving Nina and her mother Shanthi in distress. Nina made her first step towards freedom as she got the lectureship in her alma mater and freed her mother from the scorn of her grandparents. Nina who had lost her father tried finding his replacement in Rahul, her English professor while pursuing her Master’s Degree in Miranda House; Rahul was a serial lover to whom she lost her virginity in her innocence. After four
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Ananda like Nina had lost his parents in an accident and went to Canada with his uncle, a successful dentist in Halifax to pursue his higher education. His loneliness and troubled memories of his parents were haunting him in the beginning and his stay with his uncle Dr Sharma’s family for a month made him realize that he was expected to be on his own. He shifted to his friend Gary’s place where he felt more comfortable and it was there he discovered that he has some sexual difficulties while he tried having sex with Sue, a friend of Gary. But he couldn’t accept it and associated it with only white girls. With his sister’s initiation he received a picture of Nina and visited India during the Christmas holiday and both were allowed to meet. He was charmed by her beauty and proposed to marry her. But Nina felt that “she hadn’t felt the spark of instant attraction, a requisite necessary for marriage” (pg.70). She doesn’t readily agree to his proposal and asks six months of time to decide. Finally she gets married to Ananda and the couples spend a few days staying in the Oberoi Hotel. Her sexual encounter with her husband was not satisfying and she is reminded of her moments of ecstasy and pleasure she enjoyed with her lover Rahul. But she overlooks her needs as she found Ananda doing his best and believed that things might get better as days pass. Unfortunately Nina’s visa…show more content…
Gary’s wife Sue, mother of two children and expecting her third child was a good companion to Nina. She accompanied her with her children to the Halifax mall and helped her purchase clothes. But once she returned home loneliness began killing her and in her heart of hearts her longing for a child began to grow intensely. Each time she has sex with her husband she hopes that she will be conceived. She is not aware that Ananda has a sexual dysfunction of premature ejaculation and to hide it form her, he was using the dental anaesthetic spray which was not meant for female depths. Ananda was bewildered and infuriated when Nina informed him that she had attended a meeting with La Leche League and revealed what she learnt about difficulty in conceiving. He tried using his medical sense that it’s a very short time of their marriage to conceive immediately and insisted her to settle down first. On the other hand Nina argued that she felt she needed a child to settle down in the lonely land where she has entered as an immigrant. Ananda who had just begun relaxing in marriage required ample time to be first comfortable with his partner and had to hide his sexual difficulty to Nina. Nina did not stop though discouraged by Ananda but went ahead fixing an appointment with a gynaecologist and was subjected Pap smear test and vaginal examination and returned home embarrassed and depressed because she had
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