Immigrant Mothers In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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Amy Tan’s novel “The joy luck club” highlights the significant struggles between Immigrant mothers’ and American-born daughters’ through their cultural barriers. Telling the different stories through the characters eyes about being raised in two different worlds. The mothers’ struggle to instil their American-born daughters with an understanding of their Chinese heritage. Also the daughters’ denial of their mothers’ attempts to assimilate their daughters’ into their Chinese heritage. They view their mothers’ as critical and mistaking their sentiment as the mothers’ failures to understand their own attitudes and ideals.

The premise of the novel held many deep and marvelous insights into different stories about being raised in two different
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Because they did not have the same experience of being born and raised with the same traditions and ideals as their mothers’. I felt that they had grown accustomed to the western way of living. Even though their mothers’ tried to instil some Chinese customs into their lives, Throughout the novel you cannot help but to come across the idea that most of the daughters liked to deny their Chinese heritage.I thought that they felt less of a connection to their Chinese heritage on the inside than they did on the outside."My mother said when I was fifteen and had vigorously denied that I had any Chinese whatsoever below my skin. I was a sophomore at Galileo High in San Francisco, and all my Caucasian friends agreed: I was about as Chinese as they were”. I felt disappointed with one of the daughters’ formally denying her heritage. Since the story was set in the late 1980’s.Society then was less diverse than recently.And trying to find yourself in a prominently European environment. You can’t help but to lose some of your cultural identity. But I did find myself identifying with her feelings of self hate and
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