Immigrant Parents Essay

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Title • A Special Intercultural Communication: Immigrant Parents and First-Generationers Introduction • Attention device: When I was ten years old, my aunt immigrated to America with her whole family. For me as a little child, it is unbelievable and terrible because they went to a place that far away from home and had to speak a new language. They came back once a year. According to my aunt, although she and her husband experienced a hard time, their son, my cousin could accept an outstanding education, especially he did not have huge study pressure in America. It was amazing that as students, they did not do homework after school, they had a plenty of time to play with their friends, and they could choose the courses according to their interests.…show more content…
However, with the increasing migration phenomenon, some problems are uncovered. In this special group, as for children, parents are not their closest people. Despite parents adapt a new environment, can speak a fluent new language, and apply a new way to make more friends, in their mind, the original culture is still their core values. This thought is stable and unchanged. Thus, their children’s original culture and core values become a wholly new thing for their parents. Under this situation, generation gap even cultural conflict is inevitable. When children have estrangement with their parents, their closest people will not be their parents. But parents are the people who give first-generationers life. They made efforts and suffered a hard time to build a bright future for their children. Therefore, what first-generationers should do is not avoiding the question and estranging their parents, but finding the problems and figuring it out. • Thesis: In this paper, I will focus in analyzing the relationship between immigrant parents and their first-generationers children and discussing how first-generationers identify their complicated identity clearly. • Preview paper: At first, I will describe what I observe in the video and explain the reason why these situations will happen. Absolutely, I will combine the
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