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I was born in South America, Guyana in a family that consists of seven girls. In the summer of 1990, my family moved from Guyana to South Beach Miami, Florida. Unbeknown to me I was in one of the world’s liveliest areas renowned for fashion. I was intrigued to find so many people excited about their hair, clothes, makeup, shoes, jewelry, nails, and body types. I grew up in a very diverse neighborhood. Growing up we didn’t have much money as a family but my parents would always make sure we had clothes on our back. Two years later my family moved from Florida to Brooklyn, New York to be closer to relatives and other family members. Brooklyn is where I begin to design clothes at 14 and learned about marketing of different brands of appeal. I have always had a keen eye for fashion, the older I became the more aware I was of the need for affordable, stylish and comfortable clothing. I enlisted into the U.S. ARMY March 2005, to better myself and earn money for fashion school. Being a veteran and doing three deployments has given me a totally…show more content…
The level of maturity I have acquired from working side by side with my fellow soldiers and protecting our great nation have prepared me to accept many difficult challenges. Completing these challenges to the best of my abilities, a trait I learned in the Army. This is just another step to achieving my goals. I am not a quitter and I will not give up. It is my conviction that when one door closes many more will opened with greater opportunities. It is my conviction that with your foundation’s help my dream will become a reality, and I will continue to improve on my craft. It is not about me, it is about the people I will reach out too and hopefully put smiles on their faces. I am appreciative for your regard in viewing my application, and hope that your prominent foundation will extend a helping hand and approve my

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