Immigrant Women In History

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The APIA immigrant women experience Hune lists out the different ways that Asian and Pacific Islander American women are often misrepresented throughout history. As a result they often lead invisible roles. Women in history actually have been taught to oppose the historical framework in place for them. By including strong images of self and depicting them as hardworking members of society the author provides an in-depth history of Hawaiian women and their roles throughout history. Chinese prostitution is dependent on whether the woman has available opportunities to earn money through domestic services from within the household or whether they must look to outside work sources and labor to earn money. When this was not the case, they were forced…show more content…
The oceans to the U.S. While Chinese men were also migrating, the women did not follow their husbands due to work. There were few employment opportunities for those who did leave and many would have to turn to prostitution as a source of income. Upon migrating from their home countries, many APIA women found difficulty finding work and income. Even though prostitution is not normally an ideal job, these Chinese women were able to support their family similar to their male counterparts. Taking place in the late 19th century and early 20th century, as America established an identity with family roles and responsibilities for men and women. Men were expected to work, farm, own business essentially provide for the family. The reality of these Chinese prostitutes went against this ideal, further creating a cleavage between the experiences of these AIPA women in America. Asian immigrant women each experience similar challenges and struggles to one another when dealing with identity, race, and the stereotypes that come with them. AIPA women time and time again experience racialization in many aspects of their lives. This reality is clear through biases and stereotyping faced in the workforce or even in the classroom, among other places. Similarly, in these same environments they are often sexualized. America, even while it is called the ‘melting pot”, has a strong European presence in many facets of its culture, socio-norms, unwritten family expectations, and gender roles. Asian women have been subjected to labels such as “China Dolls”; where they are perceived with a feminine submissiveness and obedience. Quite contrary, they are also stereotyped as sex nymphs and/or prostitutes or “Dragon Ladies”- aggressive or opportunistic sexual beings
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