Immigrant Women

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Immigration is predicted to play a substantial role for labor force and population growth in Canada by the year 2031 (Statistics Canada, 2010). Already small and medium size towns and cities are facing a lot of pressure to attract immigrant women and men for the purpose of countering the aging population (Buchlaschuk & Wilkinson, 2011).With the current figures showing a slight decline in the number of immigrant women who settle within the three largest metropolis of Canada, immigration of women is becoming an issue of concern for the medium and even small cities in Canada (Bucklaschuk, & Wilkinson, 2011). One of the major challenges faced by these cities is how to undertake the retention and integration of these new immigrant women, a concern…show more content…
Malyadri, 2012). Majority of the studies on immigrant entrepreneurship have sought to explain the causes and consequences associated with it. Questions regarding immigrant women entrepreneurs usually consist of: the reasons why immigrant women chose to become entrepreneurs, reasons why entrepreneurship at times become much common among some group of immigrant women as compared to others, the pros and cons associated with being an immigrant woman entrepreneur and the manners in which different immigrant women entrepreneurs deal with challenges they experience in their daily operations (Dr. Malyadri,…show more content…
Thus, the role played by immigrant women entrepreneurs and the impacts it has in some sectors of the country’s economy has been neglected on a larger scale (Hudon, 2015). Is very clear that it is important for the current generation to learn the impact of race, ethnicity and gender in the economy of Canada. The other point coming from the literature which is worth noting is the fact that immigrant women businesses in general are small scale and are mainly operated and owned by families (Miller, 2010). Some groups of immigrant (Portuguese, Italians, and Chinese) have built communities which are institutionally complete within the core cities of Canada and the existing suburbs and therefore extensively rely on their own individual ethnic
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