Immigrant Workers Argumentative Essay

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Illegal immigration has been a sensitive topic to discuss over the years. Most of these immigrants come into the United States in look for a better life, escaping the poverty from their country of origin. Many people are against illegal workers coming into the country, others are greatly benefited by their work. Many opportunistic employers have targeted these “day laborers”, called by Abel Valenzuela Jr., the author of the article “Immigrant Day Laborers”, to take advantage of their work. Immigrant workers are an important part of the U.S. economy and should be benefited by the work they do. Most of these day laborers have the jobs that many citizens of the U.S. are not willing to do, because of the risk it takes. These jobs have unsafe conditions and mostly are outdoors, and have little or no health and safety laws (Valenzuela). The article consists in uncovering the truth behind the myths that are told about day laborers. Valenzuela is an associates professor of Chicana studies and urban planning at the University of California. He has researched immigrant day laborers for the past ten years. Day laborers are mistreated and not compensated as they should. Most of these employees are working in the landscaping business, as construction workers, field workers, or industrial jobs. Many…show more content…
If an illegal immigrant tries to ask for help after suffering an injury at work, he or she is left on their own. Laws helping these workers should be made to protect these laborers from being took advantage of. Valenzuela argues that, “day labor in the United States involves the complex interaction between labor supply and demand, patterns of industrial change, the boom in residential construction and home improvement, and increased migration to the United States.” The States needs illegal workers to improve their economy, but should also allow fair working conditions and
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