Immigrants And Education Essay

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Immigrants and Education We believe that teachers and parents are struggling to make their students and children involved in a different community from their original community. Because these students have different cultures, languages and values from their teachers who are doing their best to meet the needs of all international students (Shurki & Richard, 2009). The schools across the country today are looking for ways to welcome and assist immigrant families because they become a big part of their communities. So how these effect on each of students, teachers and parent? Teachers Some school districts respond to the needs of immigrant and refugee students by creating “newcomer” programs (Hertzberg, 1998). This helps them to gain immigrant…show more content…
We can notice students ' academic achievement are increasing when parents involve in the education of their children (Ramirez, 2003). On the other hand, some parents do not make any effort to help their children at home although "the family is the most influential context for learning" (Copple & Bredekamp, 2009). Maybe they think teachers have a better understanding of how to educate their children, therefore they avoid of becoming involved in the classroom or talking with teachers too much. As Latino parents mention that, we have to help our children in every way possible. Simply because we do not speak English very well does not mean that we cannot support our children to succeed in school. We value education, and there is much that we do at home every day. And staying involved in the school to watch over them is an extension of our parental responsibility" (Randy, 2009). This effort shows us some of the parents who care about their children and their children 's education; even if those parents did not speak fluent English, they must provide assistance even a little, whether for their children or teachers. Parental interest in their children makes teachers in enthusiasm and motivation to provide assistance to these

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